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Bonned & Rolled Brisket

£ 7.50 Per /kg


Often sold boned and rolled the shoulder can be stuffed and braised. This cut is also sold diced for stewing, casseroles or in soups but the better joints can also be roasted.


One of the better value cuts, meat from the shank / shin area is only suitable for long slow, preferably moist cooking. Usually sold in chunks.


This is another more prime cut and is where fillet and medallions are cut from. The front part is called the rack  and is suitable for dry heat cooking such as roasting or grilling. Racks are often “Frenched” which means that the upper ends of the rib bones are scraped clean of meat and fat thereby exposing the bones. The rear part is called the loin and is also suitable for roasting, grilling or frying.


This cut is often sold as venison stewing steak and is best used cut into chunks for casseroles, stews and for braising.


This is a prime cut which is one of the preferred cut for roasting. It is also sold cut into slices (collops) or steaks and pan-fried.